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Our athletic performance assessment is an opportunity to look into the future of your youth athlete. During two individual sessions, your son or daughter will be taken through a the Functional Movement Screen and a basic athletic performance assessment. The purpose of these assessments is to find asymmetries and imbalances in their body that your child can work on as a youth athlete. We will identify areas of weakness or imbalance and work towards the goal of decreasing future injury risk as they mature and progress. 


Session 1- Functional Movement Screen and Performance Assessment 

Session 2- Athlete will receive an individualized program that they will perform on their own. We will go through all exercises to ensure that they understand proper movement. 

*This assessment should not be taken as or in the place of medical advice from a medical professional for an athlete experiencing pain. Suggestions made are based off of sound knowledge and athletic experience of physical biomechanics.

Athletic Performance Assessment

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